Does a Screened Porch Count As Square Footage?

Can you count a screened porch as part of your home’s square footage? It’s a question many homeowners ask when they want to sell their house. The answer is no. A screened porch should not be counted in the total square footage of your home.

To qualify as part of your home’s total square footage, the room needs to be insulated, heated, and cooled, similar to the other interior rooms of your home. Even if your screened porch has an air conditioning system and space heater or fireplace, it does not count as square footage and should not be used in a real estate listing. 

Reasons to Install a Screened Porch For Your Home

Sure, a screened porch may not count toward your home’s total square footage, but there are plenty of other reasons to consider installing a screened-in porch for your home.

A Worthwhile Investment

Outdoor additions are generally some of the best investments homeowners can make. According to homeadvisor.com, screened porches have an estimated ROI of 75%.

Adds Additional Living Space

While a screened porch does not count toward your home’s total square footage, it does add additional room for activities for your family to enjoy. This space can be used to entertain guests, read a book outside without worrying about pests, or as a peaceful yoga studio. 

Be Included In Neighborhood Comparisons

Do other houses in your neighborhood have screened-in porches? Depending upon your neighborhood’s comparable standards, you can receive maximum resale value if you have a screened porch that is built to the same or higher standard than other screen porches in your neighborhood.

Custom Screen Porch Builder in Atlanta, Georgia

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a screened porch, AAA Screen and Window are the local experts in Atlanta, Georgia, to install a custom porch screen. We offer various screen materials, colors, and framing and proudly use Phifer screening. We only need the dimensions of your patio to calculate a free quote.

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