Garden Windows

Garden Windows

Garden Windows

Our garden windows bring in additional light while opening up the visual space in your house.

Perfect for growing plants and succulents, the garden window is the ideal option for anyone who wants to add some green into their home. A garden window extends outside of your home, like a box. All surfaces of the window are glass and provide extra sunlight for your indoor plants.

Made in United States

Create Depth & Interest

Maximize Sun Exposure

Energy Efficient Design

Product Features

See Why Our Garden Windows Are The Perfect Addition To Your Home

Product Design

Design Your Custom Garden Windows

Custom Sized and Trapezoid Flanker Window

Maximum Size – 87″ x 71 3/4″

Minimum Size – 24″ x 27 1/4″

Available Options

  • 3″ heavy duty R-9 insulated wooden seat board
  • Wire shelf over 50″ wide
  • Tempered Glass shelf up to 50″ wide

ColorTech™ exterior coatings

  • Clear
  • Emax®
  • Advanced Emax®
  • Emax 4®
  • Tempered Glass
  • Obscure Glass
  • Gray
  • Bronze

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Torey Weaver

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