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Should You Screen-In Your Porch?

Should I screen in my porch?

Have you ever considered turning your standard porch into a screened sanctuary? In Atlanta, Georgia, many homeowners have been adopting the screened-in porch trend, and it’s not without reason. From enjoying nature without nuisances to added privacy, “Should I screen in my porch?” is on many minds. Let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.

Why a Screen Porch is a Must-Have for Every Southern Home

Why a Screen Porch is a Must-Have for Every Southern Home

The Southern lifestyle is synonymous with a deep appreciation for outdoor living. From garden parties to lazy Sunday afternoons, there’s an undeniable charm in enjoying the warm weather that Georgia is blessed with. Amidst this setting, screen porches serve as a bridge, merging the comforts of the indoors with the aesthetic allure of the outdoors, offering an unmatched space for relaxation.

Why Hire a Professional Screen Porch Installer Over DIY?

Professional Screen Porch Installer vs DIY

Many homeowners toy with the idea of a DIY screen porch project. While the thought of screening in your back porch or outdoor area might seem appealing, it’s important to consider the benefits of hiring a professional screen porch installer like AAA Screen and Window. As long as your area has a sturdy floor with support columns, we can install a custom screen porch with just the area’s dimensions.

How To Measure For A Screened In Porch

How to measure for a screened in porch

A screened in porch is an excellent addition for any homeowner that wants to utilize every square inch their home offers. AAA Screen and Window offers installation for all sorts of screens, from new screen porches to re-screening existing porches, decks, and patios. We offer free online quotes for your screen porch as long as you can provide us with the necessary dimensions.