Will Replacement Vinyl Windows Reduce Noise?

Unwanted outside noises, like barking dogs and revving engines, can disturb your home’s peace. If you can easily hear outdoor noises, it may be due to your windows. Single-pane or improperly sealed windows let sound pass through more easily than double-pane and properly sealed windows.

You may notice a significant noise reduction depending on how old your existing windows are and what materials your replacement windows are made from. Replace your outdated windows with new vinyl windows and achieve your desired indoor environment. 

What Features Make A Window Soundproof

Ask our experts about our soundproof window options. Here is a list of what features make a window able to reduce outdoor noise.

Multiple Panes of Glass

Many outdated windows feature one pane of glass. Modern replacement vinyl windows feature multiple panes of glass. Each pane works to reduce the amount of outside noise that can enter a home.

Single-pane windows allow more noise than double-pane windows because they only have one barrier that soundwaves need to travel through. Double-pane windows have that extra barrier to help reduce noise. If you really want to minimize outside noise, consider triple-paned windows.

Frame Material Helps Insulation

A window frame does more than create aesthetic appeal. Window frames are responsible for helping with insulation and soundproofing as well. Properly insulated windows will have fewer areas where sound can freely enter a home. Wood frames will crack and wear down over time, which can cause those gaps to form in the frame. 

Our replacement vinyl windows are guaranteed never to crack, chip, warp, or peel. This means your home will have a solid defense against outside noise for years.

Expert Installation

No matter the materials, new vinyl windows will do little to prevent outside noise if they aren’t installed correctly. With AAA Screen & Window Co., you can rest assured that your replacement windows will be installed with the utmost precision.

Our company has produced quality work since 1959 when Mr. W.C. Spivey began making aluminum window screens and doors in the garage of his Atlanta home. Since then, AAA Screen & Window Co. has continued to grow and hone our craft of installing replacement windows in Atlanta, Georgia. You can trust us with your investment in your home.

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