What Causes A Drafty Window?

A drafty window is when air leaks in or out of your home, usually through an opening of your window that should otherwise be airtight. Drafty windows can be a nuisance for homeowners as they will make your home less comfortable and can increase utility bill costs. As cold weather makes its way into Georgia, you’ll want to ensure that your windows do not have a draft. 

Common Causes of Drafty Windows

1 – Issues With the Window Seal

Argon gas is commonly used to fill the spaces between double and triple-paned windows. Argon gas does not conduct heat as well as air, making it an excellent insulator. The argon gas will escape if the seal in a double or triple-pane window suffers damage. This will decrease the energy efficiency of your windows and can cause you to feel a draft in your home. 

2 – Insufficient Amount of Window Insulation

Another reason for a drafty window could be due to large gaps between the window and the frame. This area is typically sealed off with foam insulation, but insufficient insulation can also cause your windows to be drafty. The proper amount of insulation will prevent air from flowing through your windows and prevent drafts. 

3 – Incorrect Window Caulking

Window caulking is designed to be the obstacle between outdoor air and your home’s exterior. It is applied to the frame where the siding meets the window after the windows are installed. Caulk can crack or chip over time, and these tiny openings make it possible for outside air to enter and inside air to escape. 

4 – Improper Window Installation

A faulty window installation job will almost always result in a drafty window. If your windows do not fit into the opening or are not sealed properly, the resulting gaps around your window may cause a draft.

Installing windows is a job best left to the professionals. AAA Screen & Window has over 60 years of experience installing windows in Atlanta, Georgia. We understand what it takes to correctly install a window and ensure precision is met with every job we complete. We are not satisfied with our work until our clients are too!

5 – Your Windows May Be Outdated and Not Energy-Efficient

Wooden and aluminum windows are less energy efficient than newer models of vinyl windows. Because of this, wooden and aluminum windows may develop drafts much sooner. Likewise, outdated windows may only have one single pane, or they may have experienced enough wear over time to the point that they have developed a draft. Consider installing vinyl windows to increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce draftiness overall.

Have Vinyl Replacement Windows Installed For Your Home 

There are many benefits to installing vinyl windows in your home. They can reduce utility bills and help keep your living space comfortable. This is true only if they are also installed correctly!

AAA Screen and Window are expert replacement window installers in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit our showroom at 826 Avon Ave SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30310, or call us to learn more about our replacement window process and how they can help prevent drafts within your home.