What’s the Difference Between Storm Windows and Regular Windows

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Choosing the right windows for your home goes beyond aesthetics. You need to take into account functionality, protection, and investment value. Homeowners often face a critical choice: Should they get storm or regular windows?

In this article, we’ll describe storm and regular windows, discussing their construction, utility, and benefits. We will also provide recommendations based on different homeowner needs.

Let’s Talk About Regular Windows

Regular windows, found in most homes, serve as the primary barrier between the interior of your house and the outside world. They come in various types, materials, and designs, primarily aiming to provide your space with natural light, ventilation, and aesthetic appeal. While standard, these windows are pivotal in determining your home’s energy efficiency and visual appeal.

Now Let’s Talk Storm Windows

Enter storm windows: the robust cousin of regular windows. They offer additional protection against adverse weather conditions. They are an additional window installed outside or inside the primary, regular window. Storm windows are constructed with durability in mind and are designed to combat the rigors of heavy rain, wind, and even snow (when applicable). For those living in extreme weather conditions, storm windows safeguard against nature’s fury.

Comparing Construction: Storm Windows vs. Regular Windows

The essence of storm windows lies in their construction. Storm windows are made from sturdier materials and often feature multiple panes. They’re built to resist harsh conditions, after all! This robust construction ensures minimized heat loss and enhanced protection against external elements.

Regular windows, on the other hand, prioritize clarity and design. While they can be energy-efficient, they might not offer the same level of protection as storm windows. But that’s not to say that regular windows aren’t a good purchase option. If your home doesn’t need the extra protection that storm windows offer, our energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows will enhance your home’s appeal and help keep energy costs low.

Utility and Functionality: Which Serves You Best?

While regular windows beautifully connect you to the outdoors, storm windows take it a notch higher in terms of utility. Their enhanced insulation properties ensure that your home remains warm in winter and cool during summer, leading to even more noticeable energy savings. They also reduce noise, making them ideal for homes near busy areas. Although less insulative, regular windows provide a clear, unobstructed view and can be tailored to any aesthetic preference.

Recommendations for Homeowners

Storm windows are a prudent choice if you live in a region frequently battered by storms, hurricanes, or extreme temperatures. They’re a popular choice among Georgia homeowners. Storm windows offer the protection your home needs without compromising too much on aesthetics. However, regular windows should serve you well if you’re situated in milder climates and prioritize design and natural views. Remember, it’s essential to evaluate your immediate and long-term needs and consult with window professionals at AAA Screen & Window to help make your decision.

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Whether it’s the rugged protection of storm windows or the elegant charm of regular windows, making an informed decision is crucial. By understanding the differences and weighing the long-term benefits and costs, homeowners can ensure that their choice not only elevates the beauty of their home but also its functional value.

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FAQ About Window Storm Windows & Regular Windows

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A regular window, often referred to as the primary window, is the main window installed on the exterior of the home and provides the primary barrier against outside elements. Regular windows can come in a variety of styles and designs. In contrast, a storm window is an additional window installed outside or inside the primary window. It acts as a secondary layer of insulation and protection, mainly against harsh weather conditions, and helps in improving energy efficiency.

Yes, storm windows can be added to existing windows. They are designed to be installed either inside or outside of the primary window, providing an additional barrier against weather elements, noise, and enhancing energy efficiency.

Yes, storm windows can be used with double pane windows. However, the main benefit of storm windows is to provide added insulation to single-pane windows. When used with double pane windows, the added benefits might be less significant, but they can still provide an extra layer of protection and potentially enhance soundproofing.

A storm window is typically thinner and is installed as an additional layer either outside or inside of the main, or primary, window. They often have mounting mechanisms or tracks that allow for easy installation or removal. If you see two layers of windows on a home, with one set being removable or appearing as a secondary layer, the outer or inner layer is likely the storm window.