How Security Window Screens Can Benefit Your Home

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Living adjacent to a golf course is a dream for many, especially those passionate about the sport. Yet, the charm of such a setting can quickly wane when rogue golf balls start hitting your home, causing damage to your window screens and even breaking the windows. The vision of constant maintenance and potential hazards can cloud this dreamy scenario. But don’t fret. AAA Screen & Window in Atlanta, Georgia, has a protective solution for you.

Online research yields numerous home protection measures against errant golf balls, from window films and protective netting around your property to awnings and shutters. However, our recommended solution stands out: security window screens.

What Are Security Window Screens?

Security window screens aren’t your regular screens. Comprising a resilient screen mesh, they are significantly tougher than conventional screens, with a frame that reinforces its strength. Whether it’s stray golf balls, sharp objects, or even the weight of a curious child or pet, these screens resist breakage effectively.

Crafted from stainless steel wire mesh with a robust aluminum steel frame, security screens are designed to withstand significant force. Security window screens are solidly clamped within frames that feature TIG-welded mitered joints. These screens are versatile and suitable for both window screens and screen doors.

Benefits of Security Window Screens

Like many of our window screen solutions, security window screens offer several benefits for the home or business owner who install them on their property.

Protecting Against Golf Course Hazards

Security screens are golf course residents’ best friends. They effectively shield homes from stray golf balls that might otherwise wreak havoc. We recommend equipping all windows facing the golf course with these screens. Beyond golf, they also protect against other projectiles, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.

Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Home

Raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, and other curious creatures sometimes attempt entry into our homes, leading to unexpected messes or damages. With the formidable barrier of security screens, you can rest assured knowing your furry intruders are kept at bay.

Safeguarding Against Vandalism

A home’s vulnerability often determines its appeal to potential intruders. Security screens serve as an excellent deterrent, signaling that breaking in won’t be easy. The mesh and frame are built to resist common breaking and entering tools, letting homeowners relish the fresh air without concerns about security breaches.

Extra Weather Protection

Hail is a concern for many homeowners. In a storm, security screens stand resilient not only to hailstones but also to protect the windows beneath them. While other parts of your property might face damage, these screens can endure a storm’s brute force.

Safety for Children and Pets

The allure of a sunlit window sill is undeniable for children and pets, but standard screens don’t always offer the safety we presume they do. An accidental lean or push and a tragic fall could occur. With AAA Screen & Window’s security window screens, homeowners gain additional assurance regarding their loved one’s safety.

Choose AAA Screen & Window for Ultimate Protection

Living near a golf course in Atlanta, Georgia, has perks and challenges. However, with our superior security window screens, homeowners can truly savor the dream while ensuring their home remains safe and sound.

Are you interested in fortifying your home? Reach out to AAA Screen & Window today to learn more about security window screens.

FAQ About Security Window Screens

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Absolutely. Security window screens offer enhanced protection against stray projectiles, wildlife invasions, and potential intruders. They not only protect the window but also add an extra layer of security to your home, making them a valuable investment for many homeowners.

Yes, they do. Security screens are designed using materials like stainless steel wire mesh, which is much stronger than traditional screen mesh. They can withstand significant force, resist sharp objects, and offer a durable barrier against potential threats.

Security window screens are enhanced protective screens made primarily of stainless steel wire mesh and an aluminum steel frame. They’re designed to resist external threats like stray golf balls, wildlife, and potential break-ins. Unlike regular screens, they can endure a higher degree of force and are also resistant to sharp objects and certain tools.

Standard window screens might not deter determined burglars, but security window screens certainly can. Their robust design, which is resistant to cutting and puncturing, can act as a deterrent. Moreover, the strength of the frame and the mesh makes it significantly more challenging for an intruder to gain access through them.

For any further inquiries or to learn more about the benefits of installing security window screens in Atlanta, GA, contact AAA Screen & Window.